TRP Traduzioni Srl

The Company

Camignone di Passirano (Brescia)-based TRP Traduzioni Srl introduces itself thus on its website: “Founded in 1978 as one-man business and grown-up during the years, the current structure of TRP Traduzioni srl may well boast a twenty-year experience in the translations and annexed fields world. Our customers include clients based in Italy, Germany and Benelux, as well as a consistent number of translation centres in Europe with which we collaborate translating mainly from European languages into German. A staff of mother-tongue permanent translators guarantees qualified and punctual translations.”

It continues in that vein (“The application of directives provided for by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 VISION regulation which we are certified to, is part of the company’s professionalism and reliability”).

Evidently, their staff of “mother-tongue permanent translators” wasn’t employed to translate their website into English.

The History

On 21 February 2007, a translator who had been employed by TRP Traduzioni wrote: “I advise caution in dealing with this agency: late payments, repeated requests ignored, etc. In the end, they did finally pay me.”


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