Manta/Orbe Translations – Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much

For months, Guillermo Chiosso of Manta/Orbe Translations (also known as Manta Translations, Orbe Translations, and Global Manta Translations) has been engaged in an email campaign of protest against translators who have criticized his agency’s practices. Over recent weeks, that campaign has intensified.

At the bottom of this post is a 16 December 2014 email from Mr. Chiosso that was forwarded to TranslatorLeaks. It’s typical of his recent messages.

Mr. Chiosso is specifically vexed because of the post that appeared on TranslatorLeaks on 10 November 2013: “Orbe and Manta Translations: Walks, Quacks, & Swims Like a Scam, and ProZ is Helping!

Mr. Chiosso’s basic claim, which he repeats like a verbal tic in the apparent hope that it will become true (though he carefully refuses to provide any evidence to the contrary) is that there is no truth to what TranslatorLeaks reported on 10 November 2013.

He also insists that the president of the International Association Of Professional Translators and Interpreters, Aurora Humarán, is the author of the TranslatorLeaks article simply because she shared the post via

In his 16 December 2014 email, he further insists that Ms. Humarán is also the author of the 26 November 2014 post, “Life at the Bottom: Manta/Orbe Translations,” published on the Translation Tribulations blog and quite clearly authored not by Ms. Humarán or TranslationLeaks but by Kevin Lossner.

In addition, Mr. Chiosso writes, in what has by now become his email complaint template: “The curious thing is that never before [the TranslatorLeaks article] had anybody talked negatively about us.”

Mr. Chiosso is incorrect on every single count.

  • Manta Translations was listed on an Argentine translators’ “Lista Nera” (Blacklist) as of July 2013 for offering 0.10 ARS (Argentine pesos) per word (equivalent, at today’s exchange rate, to 0.012 USD/word)
  • In May 2013 and again in September 2013, Manta Translations was discussed on the Yahoo Group WorldPaymentPracticesFree as a blacklisted, low-paying agency.
  • Beginning on 5 November 2013, Manta was discussed on the Yahoo Group “the-checklist” following the mass email sent to Italian translators on Manta’s behalf by Raffaele Isaia (the email is reproduced in “Orbe and Manta Translations: Walks, Quacks, & Swims Like a Scam, and ProZ is Helping!”). Translators noted strange inconsistencies in the email, including the fact that the sender identified herself as Italian, though the IP used was in Romania, and wondered whether a possible translator scam was underway (in which disreputable companies solicit and collect CVs without actually intending to offer jobs).
  • Beginning on 4 November 2013, Manta’s mass emails to members also began to be discussed in a forum on LinkedIn. Several translators expressed concern about Manta’s approach and the degree to which the agency’s lack of transparency (and fishing for copies of CVs, including the requirement that applicants submit a password) had the earmarks of a “scam.”
  • Prior to TranslatorLeaks’ article, two Italian translators wrote to TranslatorLeaks in private to confirm that Manta had offered them, for English>Italian translations, the equivalent of 0.04 USD/word when they responded to its email blitz in or around November 2013.


  • All of the above took place before TranslatorLeaks was alerted to Manta/Orbe Translations by its colleagues and published its 10 November 2013 article regarding Manta’s mass-recruitment mailing to ProZ members.
  • All of the above took place before anyone “scooped,” reposted, shared, or commented on TranslatorLeaks’ article.
  • Long before the TranslatorLeaks’ article, people were, in fact, “talking negatively” about Manta/Orbe Translations. If Mr. Chiosso genuinely did not know that (which seems hard to believe), he knows it now.


TranslatorLeaks stands by its article of 10 November 2013. We have every reason to believe the information in that post was accurate at the time.

If Manta/Orbe Translations has changed its ways since November 2013, please send us evidence of that fact. We will publish it.

In the meantime, Mr. Chiosso’s rambling, threatening emails – full of inaccurate information and paranoid accusations – prove nothing.

For the record, we continue to believe that’s collaboration with low-paying agencies and refusal to halt bottom-feeding on or through its site has damaged and continues to damage translators’ livelihoods.


With specific regard to the truth of what TranslatorLeaks wrote on 10 November 2013 – and what was written before that date by members of LinkedIn, the “WorldPaymentPracticesFree” group, “the-checklist” group, and the compilers of the Argentine “Lista Nera” – TranslatorLeaks has these questions for Mr. Chiosso.

1. Do you deny, on behalf of Manta/Orbe Translations, that, in or around November 2013, Manta/Orbe engaged in a campaign to recruit new translators for its agency/agencies, whether that campaign took place through online job postings, lists, or private emails?

2. At the time of the translator-recruitment drive that took place in or around November 2013, what rate did Manta/Orbe Translations indicate it would pay translators in any or all of the following combinations: Spanish>English, English>Spanish, Italian>English, or English>Italian?

3. Do you deny, on behalf of Manta/Orbe Translations, that translators who responded to recruitment emails in or around November 2013 were told that Manta/Orbe would pay the equivalent of 0.04 USD/word, at least in the English>Italian combination?

4. Do you deny, on behalf of Manta/Orbe Translations, that, at some point between January and July 2013, Manta/Orbe indicated it would pay translators a rate of 10 ARS/word?

5. At what average rate does Manta/Orbe Translations currently expect translators to work? For example, in your mass email to members of 16 December 2014 (“Huge project Spanish – English 250.000 words”) what is Manta/Orbe Translations’ rate?

6. Do you deny, on behalf of Manta/Orbe Translations, that the email from Raffaella Isaia reposted by TranslatorLeaks on 10 November 2013 was, in fact, authorized by and sent on Manta/Orbe’s behalf?

7. Do you deny, on behalf of Manta/Orbe Translations, that, prior to November 2013, Manta/Orbe was listed on the Facebook group “Lista negra de empresas de traducción en Argentina” (Blacklist of Argentine Translations Agencies) as well as described as a low-payer in postings on the Yahoo group, WorldPaymentPracticesFree?

8. What proof do you or does Manta/Orbe Translations have that Ms. Humarán is the author of “Orbe and Manta Translations: Walks, Quacks, & Swims Like a Scam, and ProZ is Helping!” or, as you claim in a 16 December 2014 email, that “Ms Humarán reacted writing and publishing an article about us using dictionary material to compare us with animals who “live at the bottom and feed on scraps” see”?


From: Guillermo Chiosso Manta/Orbe []
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 11:03 AM
To: ————————–
Cc: i————————–
Subject: Re: Huge project Spanish – English (250.000 words.)

We have already taken legal actions against Aurora Matilde Humarán, president and founder of IAPTI, for libel and slander against Manta Orbe translations.

Everything began when we created in November 2013 a translator association, “Global Manta Translators”, and it seems that Ms. Humarán is bothered by the existence of other associations.

This is the actual reason.

We have already informed the Argentine justice, all IAPTI members and Ms. Humarán’s clients of her actions. I am sending a copy of this message to the author of the slanderous publication, Ms. Aurora Matilde Humarán to show you that we face the situation and do not hide behind anonymity.

This answer we are sending to you will also be sent to Humarán.

The article she denies having written was made public on the internet a day after we presented our association proposal. The curious thing is that never before had anybody talked negatively about us.


Besides, in the forums making reference to us nobody provides further information on how Manta/Orbe works or what it does.

They only repeat different versions of what Translator Leaks published. In this way, Humarán creates an echo or amplification effect, part of any defamation strategy. She intends to detach from these allegations but in her Linked-in


when she presented these claims she received congratulations from other translators for her research.

She also reported that she included Manta Orbe into a blacklist.

In November 23rd, we sent a copy of the attached mail to all IAPTI members and Humarán’s clients, receiving different kinds of answers many of which were supporting us and asking how to become part of our association.

As a response to the mails sent to IAPTI members Ms Humarán reacted writing and publishing an article about us using dictionary material to compare us with animals who “live at the bottom and feed on scraps”


Obviously, as she does not have any kind of proof against us the only resource she has is comparing us with bottom-feeders.

We, on the contrary, do not need to rely neither on defamation nor mythological animals.

For us, it was enough all the evidence gathered and presented to the Argentine justice.

She only tries to create a fiction and spread it on the internet. We, on the contrary, gather proof and present our research to the justice against Humarán and IAPTI, the association she also used for her defamation campaign.


In the paragraph “How can we fight poor payers?” Humarán says: There are many ways in which we can fight poor payers: … discussing these topics in translators and interpreters forums so that the information flows, etc. At IAPTI we are working on several projects to help fight them, but this is strategic information I cannot share…

Part of the information that she cannot share is that “Humarán and the staff of IAPTI invent stories for publishing them on the web and proceed with their defamation plan.”

We would like to thanks Mr. Kevin Lossner, responsible of Translation Tribulation, who provided us with the chance to answer to this false allegation.

It is our moral obligation to stop these serial slanderers because today it was our turn to be their victims but tomorrow, if you do not think like them, it could be your’s or anybody else’s.

Thank you for your email, this will also form part of the file to show the damage to our image that Ms. Humarán and her followers are doing.

I remain at your disposal for anything else you might need.

Guillermo Chiosso
Manta/Orbe Translations

Dear Linguistic,
We are working on a Spanish into English translation project (250.000 words.) and we are in search for translators who might be interested in collaborating with us.

All translators who are available, will have to carry out a PAID TEST TRANSLATION of around 1000 words using Trados Studio.

Argument: Industrial Machinery Manuals
Regarding the payment:  Payment for this project will be carried out in two step:
Between the 15/01/2015 – and the 20/01/2015 (for all the translations delivered in December)
and between the 15/02/2015 – and the 20/02/2015 (for all the translations delivered in January)

We kindly ask all interested translators to send us a short email with the amount of words per day and their best translation rate. Please send us your CV and upload it on our web site:

Given to the timing of the project, we inform that we will only considerate those translators, who send us the email with the requested information until Wednesday 17/12 at 14:00 ITA time, at the latest.

Thank you for your interest.

Kind regards,
Guillermo Chiosso
Global Manta Translators

This message was sent to you via the directory.
Sender: Manta Global
Sender’s profile:
Sender’s IP address:
To adjust your email preferences, visit this page:
For technical assistance, please submit a support request:


9 thoughts on “Manta/Orbe Translations – Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much

  1. Guillermo Chiosso

    I will answer with pleasure to all the mentioned questions when you let me know the responsible editorial and / or the author identity of these articles about Manta/Orbe. Thanks

    Guillermo Chiosso Manta/Orbe Translations

  2. Emiliano

    Hi, I’m Emiliano Burni again, I would be thankful if you can enlighten me concerning the articles you wrote. Who are the authors of these articles? And why did they decide to write them anonymously?
    I would appreciate your answer.

    1. TranslatorLeaks Post author

      What difference does it make who wrote them? The facts are solid and backed up with proof. We’ve invited Mr. Chiosso to demonstrate otherwise and said we would print his proof if he did. He refuses to do so. We are under no obligation to provide names to a person who is making wild threats of lawsuits and legal action. Truth is a defense. He says the accusations aren’t true. We have the proof that they are. End of story.

      P.S. Given that you’re writing from the same IP address as Giullermo Chiosso (which leads directly to Manta Translations), you’re both stupid and naive to think we don’t know a scam when we see one. Mr. “Burni”.

  3. Emiliano

    Hello, my name is Emiliano Burni, I live in Córdoba, Argentina. I’m a collaborator of Manta/Orbe Translations since 2011 in the marketing department. I’ve been reading all the articles about Manta/Orbe Translations written by anonymous people and in particular the last article. Why do you make all these questions having the answers in the e-mails compilation that you posted at the bottom of the article? And Isn’t Proz a translators recruiting page? It’s a page where agencies and companies search for translators depending of their needs or Am I wrong? Proz mentions this on its website: mission statement’s mission is to provide tools and opportunities that translators, translation companies, and others in the language industry can use to:
    expand their businesses,
    improve their work,
    experience added enjoyment in their professional endeavors.

    Manta has never sent recruitment e-mails mentioning its paying rate and that is visible in the e-mails compilation of this article.
    About the Black lists and “Las Listas Negras”, I learned of its existence when I started to read all of the similar articles that talk about Manta/Orbe Translations and I learned today the facebook’s black list thanks to your article so Manta didn’t know about its existence before this article, nobody called us, sent us an email or filed any type of communication with us to complain. Whatever, everybody can write about everybody in articles, black lists, social media, etc., but that doesn’t mean that it’s true, If Just one person talks badly about you without evidence doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, if all of the internet data were true we might all be believing in ufo’s, ghosts and black magic. If what you wrote about Manta was true it is really easy to prove it, copying and pasting the e-mails you mentioned about the paying rates would be one of the easiest ways to do it. Manta has all the evidence disproving all these lies, that’s why Manta is now resorting to justice.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. TranslatorLeaks Post author

      Here is the message Manta sent in December 2014 in response to a translator who answered a recruitment letter:

      Traducción + Corrección/Proofreading incluido. // Translation + Editing/Proofreading included
      USD 0,04* 0,34 ARS/palabra)
      Solo Traducción – Translation only (!)
      USD 0,02/ palabra ( = 0,17 ARS/palabra)
      Solo Corrección/ Proofreading – Editing/Proof only
      USD 0,015 0,13 ARS /palabra)

    2. TranslatorLeaks Post author

      “Manta has never sent recruitment e-mails mentioning its paying rate and that is visible in the e-mails compilation of this article.”

      You and Mr. Chiosso keep harping on this. It makes no difference whatsoever whether you mention your rate in the emails or not. Those are the rates you offer.

  4. Martina

    This is so ridiculous! I am somewhere between having a really good laugh and being concerned that people like Mr. Chiosso actually do take themselves for serious, do nothing but create drama and do their best to damage the industry.
    Accusing and “suing” someone to have written an article, even though the article has clearly not been written by that person — hello!? Not to mention the threats and everything else.

    People at Manta Translations — or whatever is called — should leave the booze for after work hours. This is the only thing I can think of that could possibly explain such behavior.


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